FL Studio Mobile


Ducking is the term given to momentarily dropping the volume of a track. It drops the level of the audio in sync with the beat. Normally this provides extra headroom for kick and other on-beat percussion. You can also use it to create 'volume pumping' style effects.

To load presets tap the 'Default' (upper right) and choose from the Presets List.


Autoduck is an automated tempo-synced 'sidechain' style ducking plugin.

  • Curve Shape (menu) - Select from several shapes.
  • Attack - Time taken to drop on each beat to the level set on Drop.
  • Hold - Delay before the level returns to the original level. NOTE: The 'Time' control sets the point along the horizontal axis where the level will return to 100%, so changing the hold time will also affect the release curve slope as more/less time is available to return to the nominal level.
  • Ducking - The amount the level is reduced from 100% on each beat.
  • Curve - Shape of the ducking envelope release. 0 is as set in the 'Curve Shape' menu. 100 is linear. Options:
    • Accel / Accel 2 - Accelerating curve. Curves become steeper over time.
    • Decel / Decel 2 - Decelerating curve. Curves becomes shallower over time.
    • S-Curve / S-Curve 2 - S-shaped curve. Curves start and end slowly with a steep segment in between.
  • Time - Time where the nominal (100%) level will be reached.
  • Shift - Move the curve forward (left) or backward (right) in time. In this way you can set a curve to duck on the off-beat.