FL Studio Mobile


Flanging is a sound created by phase cancellation created by combining multiple, variously delayed copies of the input sound. It sounds a little like listening to the world through a long drain-pipe. Hard to explain, but you will instantly recognize it when you hear it.

To load presets tap the 'Default' (upper right) and choose from the Presets List.


  • LFO Speed - The rate at which the flanger is modulated according to the LFO shape. When Sync is selected the LFO will be synced to tempo.
  • LFO Shape - Choose between: Sine, Saw, Square.
  • LFO Amount - How deeply the flanger is modulated.
  • Feedback - Sets the feedback amount. Set to high values to make the flanger 'whistle'. Try high settings with heavy filtering (for example 99% feedback + the filter at 0.95) for special effects.
  • Frequency - Center frequency around which the phase cancellation occurs
  • Phase - Phase of the 'flanged' signals.
  • Mix - Amount of flanging heard.
  • Invert Mix - Mixing a signal with an inverted version of itself creates the known flanger effect. When both are off the sound is more like a chorus than a flanger. While Invert Wet will directly change the flanger/chorus sound.
  • Invert feedback - Invert Feedback has a less dramatic effect, but can be used to change the sound timbre.
  • Sync - Tempo Sync. See LFO Speed.