FL Studio Mobile


Use the limiter to prevent clipping of the output on your Master track or to add loudness.

To load presets tap the 'Default' (upper right) and choose from the Presets List.


Limiting is an extreme form of compression. It prevents audio waveform peaks passing the set threshold.

  • In Gain - Input level control. This adjusts the levele pre-Threshold.
  • Thr (Threshold) - Sets the dB level at which the limiter kicks in. The threshold should be adjusted according to the relative input level and the type of audio material.
  • Visualization - The central panel shows the incoming signal as a series of peaks moving from right to left. The horizontal line shows the current Threshold value. When the Threshold is below the peaks, the input signal peaks will show grey above the threshold. This indicates limiting is active. The variable line at the top of the display shows the amount of limiting when it dips down below the topmost position.
  • Release - Time taken to release the volume/level reduction after a peak has triggered the limiter effect.
  • Out Gain - Adjusts the final output level. For volume maximization, first limit the signal by bringing down the threshold. Then increase the gain to make up for the lost level.