FL Studio Mobile


Use Spacer to enhance the stereo image of input sounds.

To load presets tap the 'Default' (upper right) and choose from the Presets List.


Each parameters represents a separate stage in the processing chain from left (input) to right (output):

  • L/R Inversion - Invert the phase of the Left, Right or Both Channels. Inverting one of the channels of a Mono signal (the phase meter will show 100% in-phase), will produce an unnatural sound that's difficult to locate in space.
  • L/R Delay - Time delay offset for the Left or Right Channel that creates a 'false stereo' effect. This can be useful for creating stereo from a mono source (the phase meter will show 100% in-phase) or increasing the width of a stereo sound.
  • Separation - Allows you to enhance or reduce existing stereo effects (check the phase meter shows out-of-phase). The middle (default) position is disabled. Turn the knob right to decrease the stereo separation (sum L+R to mono), turn left to increase stereo separation.

    NOTE: This control has no effect on mono sounds as it works by processing the difference between the Left and Right Channels, if there is no difference then there is no stereo to enhance.

  • Pan - Changes the Left and Right Channel levels to create a panning effect (position of the sound in the stereo field). The pan used here maintains the independence of the Left and Right signals as opposed to cross-mixing pans that add the Left into Right or Right into Left when panned.
  • M/S Inversion - Invert the phase of the Middle (center panned), the Side (stereo panned) signals or both. Inverting just one will result in a more centered sound while retaining the width of the original signal.
  • M/S Delay - Delay the Middle (center panned) or the Side (stereo panned) signals to add depth to your sound. Separation increases the stereo width of the signal by raising the volume of the Side signal, this is a very creative tool for creating depth in the stereo field.
  • Mode - When working with Mid/Side (M/S) signals use this control to accept M/S input or create M/S output.
    • Standard - Normal stereo processing.
    • Output M/S - The module will generate Mid (left) and Side (Right).
    • Input M/S - The module will expect Mid (left) and Side (Right) data for processing.
  • Phase Meters - There is an Input and Output phase meter, so you can monitor the effects of the controls above. The meter shows the proportion of the Left and Right Channel audio that is in phase (100% mono when Right) or out of phase (100% stereo when Left) for the FX module's output. The peak-hold (lingering white marker) shows the 500 ms averaged value.

NOTE: Depending on the pitch of the input signal, the position might change due to frequency dependent phase offsets. This is particularly useful for creating 'airy' pads and wide and yet centered leads. Move this knob to the right to delay Mono signals and to the Left to delay Stereo signals.