FL Studio Mobile

Trance Delay

Tempo-locked delay / echo effect.

To load presets tap the 'Default' (upper right) and choose from the Presets List.


  • Time Signature (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 1/1) - The tabs along the top set relative timing of the echoes to the beat. 3/4 is typically used in trance from where this delay draws its name. Trance is not dead!
  • Stereo Mode:
    • Stereo - Both Left & Right channels are delayed by the same amount.
    • Ping-Pong - Where there is an existing Left or Right pan, the delay will bounce between the current and opposite pan position. If you need to add Panning to the input to Trance Delay, Leveller has a Pan option.
    • Mirror - The delay will bounce between the Left and Right channels.
  • Feedback - Number of echoes.
  • Mix - Strength of echoes.
  • Filter - There are two filter modes relative to the middle default. Up: to filter low frequencies from echoes. Down: to filter high frequencies.