File Settings Setup

Add external file folders to FL Studio

Click the File tab in the System Settings window. We have a series of video tutorials on using the Browser here. Here are three reasons why this setup page is important:

  • Save locations - FL Studio will, by default, save your projects to (..[User]\Doccuments\Image-Line\Data\FL Studio\Projects). You can add some additional extra search folder locations (your own folders) and save files there also. Always keep your files separate from the FL Studio installation folder.
  • External file locations - Additionally, if you have samples and sounds that you want to use with FL Studio, the File Settings page is used to add their folders to the Browser's list.
  • External VST/AU locations - At the bottom of the File Settings interface is also an option to search for VST/AU plugins. You can ignore this step if you don't have your own VST/AU plugins to add to FL Studio.
I don't have any external folders or VST/AU instruments to add to the Browser

NOTE: At any time you can open a standard Windows Browser (Right-Click on the Windows 'Start' button and select 'Explore') and then drag compatible files from the Windows Browser into FL Studio (FL Studio will behave in the same way as noted in step 1 below).

Add Folders to the Browser

Browser extra search folders

How to set a Browser extra search folder:

  1. Left-click on the folder icon at the start of a row as indicated above and browse to the folder location and then click 'OK'. Alternatively, double-click the text fields to enter paths manually.
  2. Optionally, Left-click in the Name column and enter a custom name, this sets the name shown in the Browser. If the name field is left blank then the name of the target folder will be shown in the Browser.

What do they do? The folders set here will appear in the FL Studio Browser in a green font so that they are easily identified. Here are four good reasons to use them:

  1. Drag sounds, samples or patches from the Browser onto the desired location in FL Studio and they will be loaded (channel sampler, slicer, projects [drag onto the desktop], etc).
  2. External folders keep your data independent from the FL Studio installation.
  3. The extra search folders are included in automatic search and load operations.
  4. Perform manual searches of your sound library.


What is this for? FL Studio can load VST instruments on the Channel Rack and effects in the Mixer FX Slots. See the section on installing VST plugins for more details.