How to buy, register and unlock Image-Line products

TRIAL ONLY? Either FL Studio or plugins that it contains may appear as a trial. This means projects saved that contain trial plugins, won't reopen with the trial plugins in place until they are purchased and registered. Once trial plugins are purchased and your license updated, the project will open correctly, as originally saved. To unlock FL Studio or plugins you simply enter your Image-Line account details on the About Panel. The full purchase and registration procedure are as follows:

  1. Use the TRIAL - The FL Studio Trial version and Trial plugins allow you to use all program/plugin features so that you can ensure anything you are interested in buying works 'as advertised' prior to purchase. Trials are unlocked with a single registration key (see step 4), your key will unlock only those features and plugins associated with the FL Studio version (Express, Fruity, Producer or Signature Bundle) & plugins you have purchased. Features & plugins included with each version of FL Studio are compared here, on the FL Studio website.
  2. Purchase - Go to the Image-Line Store and follow the instructions.
  3. Wait for your email - After ordering the plugin you will be sent an email with a login and password to your customized user page on the Image-Line site. Please keep an eye on your spam filter so that it doesn't redirect the registration email to a spam folder.
  4. Unlock your product/s - Use the 'About panel' registration system. Enter your Image-Line account email and password and click Unlock products. This will unlock all your products, not just FL Studio.
  5. Use the plugin/software - Next time you open FL Studio you should find that the purchased item is now unlocked and working without any limitations, no additional downloads are required.

If you are having technical difficulties please contact Technical Support or for purchase and account related issues create a support-ticket.

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