Is your computer offline?

FL Studio normally uses the online manual so you are always given the latest information. To install an offline version of the manual:

  1. Download the offline help installer - This is a link to the online version of this page.
    • Page location:
  2. Run the installer - Install the offline help. We recommend updating this each time you install a new version of FL Studio.
  3. Set FL Studio to use the Offline manual - From the General settings > Advanced > Use offline help.

Offline Help Installers

If you are online you can download the offline help installers here:

Accessing offline help outside FL Studio

  • Download and install the offline help from the link above for your Operating System.
  • Make a desktop shortcut to the manual:
    • Windows - ...\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20\Help\index_offline.html (Right-click > Create shortcut, Move shortcut to desktop)
    • macOS - .../Users/[your computer account]/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio 20/Help/index_offline.html (Right-click > Make alias, Move alias to desktop)

    NOTE: You can also copy the 'Help' folder to any device that can show web-pages, then browse it in your preferred Web Browser by opening the index_offline.html file.

Video Tutorial