Piano roll Claw Machine

The Claw Machine tool removes notes, adds notes and/or shifts the timing of notes to create interesting new rhythms. Claw is a great tool for working on starting scores with regular rhythms, although experimentation will be rewarded.

NOTES: The Piano roll Claw machine works very effectively with drum/melody loops sliced in Slicex to create new rhythms. If you need to perform the Claw process on audio files then use the Claw machine tool in Edison.



The Claw Machine works by defining a Period, then cutting the period into a number of slices set by the Trash every setting. The slices are either removed ('clawed') or used to redefine note boundaries. A good way to learn how claw operates is to place a regular - whole, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/16th note patterns in the Piano roll and process it with various claw options.

  • Period - The period over which the claw process repeats.
  • Trash every - Removes notes every (X) units of the Period.
  • Time distortion - Slews the claw process toward the start or end of the Period. Great for creating bouncing-ball or 'kick/snare rush' transition effects from regular 16th note patterns.
  • Remove short notes - Removes notes that are too short to play.
  • Stretch to compensate - Stretches notes to fill the original space occupied by the starting selection.

Action buttons

  • Reset - Reset the tool to the default state.
  • Accept - Accept changes and close the tool. Note, these changes can be subsequently undone using the Current project History or Ctrl+Z.