Limit Tool

The key-limiter tool allows you to transpose the notes of a score within a custom defined limit. The tool can be used to generate quick derivative scores from a single source. Assign the derived scores to different instrument channels to create richer musical arrangements.


Key scale / restriction

  • Key / scale - Set the key and mode.
  • Snap - If a note is in the wrong place (it can be +1 or -1 semitone before being corrected), the setting defines whether it will snap above, under or alternate relative to the current position.

Keyboard range & offset

  • Wrap to top / bottom - Normally the tool attempts to transpose each key down an octave while it fits inside the defined limit. However with this option enabled the notes will automatically wrap to the lowest octave in the limit.
  • Piano View / Limit selector - The Key Range is shown by the light keys, the out of bounds keys are grey. The Root note is shown by the Green key. Set the range - Click and drag the note ruler above the keyboard (where it shows C4, C5, G5 etc). Set the Root key (offset) - Click the desired Root note on the keyboard.

Action buttons

  • Reset - Reset the tool to the default state.
  • Accept - Accept changes and close the tool. Note, these changes can be subsequently undone using the Current project History or Ctrl+Z.