BassDrum is a flexible Bass/Kick drum synthesizer with sample-layer support. Get ready to rumble...your neighbors!

  1. Open preset manager - Click here to open the manager. The arrows, at either end, can be used to change presets.
  2. Open sample layer manager - Click here to select a sample layer OR load samples from the OS browser. Alternatively you can drop .wav or .aif samples on the UI to load a sample. Use the arrows, at either end, to cycle through the currently selected library.


The main BassDrum synthesis consists of two Oscillators (Main & Slave) and a sample layer (usually to add noise or texture). Following that there are sub-bass, distortion and pitch controls.

Overall controls

  • DURATION - This is a master envelope that controls the duration of all generators. There is no release time so BassDrum will sound until the duration is reached, even if the note is released before the duration time is reached.
  • OUTPUT LEVEL - +/- 20 dB final output level trim.
  • SAMPLING RATIO - Acts similar to a pitch control with a little difference: This changes the internal sampling rate (not base/peak frequencies) to resample the entire plugin output. Low settings result in a gritty 'aliased' sound.

MAIN Oscillator

The Main Oscillator controls set the start, end and glide-time of the oscillator. Kick sounds are typically synthesized by a very fast slide from a high to low frequency.

  • BASE - End frequency.
  • PEAK - Starting frequency.
  • SLIDE - Frequency slide time.

SLAVE Oscillator

The Slave Oscillator mirrors the Main Oscillator, but here controls are relative to the Main Oscillator settings. Set in the minus range to be below or positive to be above the Master Oscillator's settings.

  • BASE - End frequency offset (+/- 100%).
  • PEAK - Start frequency offset (+/- 100%).
  • SLIDE - Frequency slide time offset(+/- 100%).
  • PHASE - Slave Oscillator's phase offset relative to the Master. Phase is achieved through a delay relative to Main. The Slave Oscillator will sound after Main Oscillator with positive settings and will lead to phase cancellations of frequencies from the Main Oscillator.


Specialized click generator

  • LEVEL - Click loudness.
  • CUT - Larger values selectively filter low-frequencies from the click sound.
  • FREQ - Frequency of click Oscillator.


  • DRIVE - Saturation-like distortion.
  • SUB-BASS - Sub-bass gain. Sub-bass frequency is relative to the Main & Slave Oscillators.
  • ATTACK - Quick level fade-in. Useful to soften the initial click and/or to find better balance between the BassDrum and other sounds such as a Hi-Hat in the mix.


You can drag and drop samples directly on BassDrum to load them.

  • < Selector > - Choose a sample by clicking on the arrows OR in the center to open the sample menu. Use Load to select samples from your browser.
  • A, D, S - Volume envelope, Attack, Decay and Sustain levels.
  • Delay - Timing of the sample layer relative to the oscillators. -100% the sample leads the oscillators. 0% the sample and oscillators sound simultaneously. +100% the sample follows the oscillators.
  • PITCH - Sample pitch.
  • FLT - Left = Low Pass filter (removes high frequencies). The knob changes the cutoff frequency.
  • MIX - Relative level of the sample layer (0 to 100%).

Plugin Credits: Maxx Claster