Dashboard: Menu

Click the arrow button to the left of the lock switch to access the Dashboard menu.

Menu Commands


  • Clear Panel - Clears the panel of all components.


  • Add Control - Contains a submenu with all installed components, grouped by type (knobs, sliders, etc).
  • Snap All Controls to Grid - Snaps all controls on the panel to the grid.
  • Clone - Clones the selected component.
  • Delete - Deletes the selected component.


  • Export to Text File - Exports a definition of the current panel contents to a text file.
  • Import from Text File - Restores a panel from a description in a text file.


  • Zip Used Files - Exports all component files used in the current panel to a Zip files.
  • Unzip Files - Installs components from a Zip file (exported earlier with the previous command). This feature makes it easy to transfer new controls on other systems using Dashboard.