Effector provides 12 performance oriented effects that can be used one at a time. The large center X/Y pad (X/Y parm knobs) can be linked to controllers for expressive control or used with a touch interface.

NOTE: Effector processes one effect at a time. You can load several Effectors to use multiple effects on the same channel.


From top to bottom, left to right:

Gain Controls (Top)

  • GAIN - The left is INPUT gain and the right side is OUTPUT gain.

Modulation Controls (Left side)

  • X (vertical)/ Y (horizontal) PARAM - These mirror the X/Y pad in the center. X is horizontal and Y is vertical position. They will control whatever two performance parameters have been used for the selected effect (see below for details).
  • BYPASS - When selected Effector is bypassed so only the dry signal is heard. When the X/Y pad is used the bypass is automatically disabled until the control is released.
  • DRY/WET - Mix between the DRY input signal and the WET effected signal. Generally this should be set to 100% wet (far right).
  • BYPASS - Click this switch to permanently enable the selected effect. Momentary activation can be gained by clicking in the X/Y panel.

X/Y Pad (Center)

  • When you click here the X PARAM and Y PARAM controls can be moved together from a single input (mouse, X/Y pad or touch). Clicking the X/Y pad automatically deactivates the BYPASS switch.

LFO Modulation Parameters (Right Side)

Down the right side of the plugin are the Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) controls. The LFO is control waveform that can be linked to control the X/Y parameters of the effects above via the X MOD and Y MOD controls. In other words, automatically twist the X and Y parameter knobs for you. By selecting the Tempo switches and TEMPO multiplier knob you can sync this to the beat or put it anywhere you like.

  • Tempo switches (8/1 to 1/8) - LFO waveform cycle speed, synchronized to the track tempo. Speed is expressed in terms of beats/cycle. Settings range from 8/1 or 8 beats per cycle (slow), through to 1/8 or 8 cycles per beat (fast).

    NOTES: 1. Tempo switch values assumes the TEMPO multiplier knob is at 1 (default). Most effects require the X MOD and Y MOD multipliers to be moved from the default 0% before the tempo modulation takes effect. Exceptions are TRANS and GRAIN which are automatically driven by the Tempo switches.

  • X MOD & Y MOD - These are LFO multiplier amounts fed to the respective X & Y Param controls. The default, 12 O'Clock = no modulation, Left - negative multiplier, Right - positive multiplier.
  • SHAPE - LFO waveform shape. Select Sine, Saw or square wave.
  • TEMPO - Tempo speed multiplier. In the far Left (default) position the Tempo switches correctly reflect Beats per Cycle. As the knob is turned Right the LFO cycle speed is increased (multiplied).

Effects (Bottom)

  • Effects - There are 12 effects these include:
    • DISTORT - Distortion. X - Distortion amount. Y - Tone control. Use this to convince the club owner you blew his speakers ;)
    • LO-FI - Bit reduction. X - Bit-depth reduces with increased height, Y - Sample rate reduces as increased to right. Creates old-school low bit depth sounds (particularly at high X values) reminiscent of gaming consoles.
    • FLANGER - Flanging. X - Depth. Y - Feedback.
    • PHASER - Phasing. X - Depth. Y - Feedback.
    • FILTER - High and Low pass filtering. X - Left of center = Low pass filter cutoff frequency. Right of center = High pass cutoff frequency. Y - Resonance amount.
    • DELAY - Delay/Echo. X - Feedback amount (echo strength) Y - Echo filtering.
    • REVERB - Reverberation. X - Feedback. Y - Wet level (reverb amount).
    • STEREO - Panning. X - Left/Right pan position. Y - Binaural effect level. Up/Down.
    • TRANS - Trance / gating effect. X - Release time. Y - Drop level. The Tempo switches & TEMPO speed multiplier knob will determine the period. Use this effect to induce side-chain style pumping.
    • GRAIN - X & Y - Not used. The Tempo switches and TEMPO speed multiplier knob control the grain size.
    • VOX - X - Formant filter, vowel sound (A,E,I,O,U). Y - Throat size. Creates human vocal resonance sounds.
    • RING - X - Modulator frequency Y - Not used. Ring modulation multiplies the input (your music) with a sine wave oscillator (FM synthesis style).

Plugin Credits

Maxx Claster.