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Transistor Bass

Transistor Bass is a subtractive synthesizer in the style of the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer. Great for fast 'Acid' basslines.

To load presets tap the 'Default' (upper right) and choose from the Presets List. You can download and share presets on the Transistor Bass Presets Thread.

Video Tutorial


  • Main conrols - Main filter and envelope cotrols.
    • Cutoff - Filter cutoff frequency.
    • Resonance - Filter resonance. Accent modulates this control also (see Accent below).
    • Env Mod - Filter Envelope modulation. The filter envelope is a simple AD (Attack / Decay) envelope with a very short attack and decay is adjusted by the Decay knob.
    • Accent - Accent amount. Accents momentarily increases the filter Cutoff and Resonance. NOTE: Accented notes are triggered with a velocity greater than 100

    • Waveform - Blend between Square (bottom) and Sawtooth (top) waveforms.

  • Distortion - The distortion is a simulation of the Pro Co Rat guitar pedal, as used by the legendary German acid techno duo "Hardfloor" (Ramon Zenker & Oliver Bondzio).
    • Distortion Switch - Active/Deactivate the Distortion module.
    • Drive HP - Pre-distortion highpass.
    • Drive - Distortion amount.
    • Drive Volume - Adjust output volume of distortion circuit.

  • Pulse Width - These controls influence the oscillator.
    • PW - Absolute Pulse Width of the Pulse oscillator. NOTE: In the real 303 this is hardwired to about 66%.
    • LFO Speed - How fast the PW --> LFO oscillates
    • LFO -> PW - Transistor Bass features one single LFO hardwired to the Pulse Width of the Pulse oscillator. This parameter determines how much the LFO influences the Pulse Width.