Fruity 7 Band EQ

Fruity 7 Band EQ is a seven-band (one low shelf, one high shelf and five peaking) equalizer plugin, optimized for low CPU use. It is a close cousin of Fruity Parametric EQ 2, which provides greater control.

Equalization (EQ) is an industry term for 'tone control', and is the process of increasing or decreasing the loudness of specific frequencies. Many Hi-Fi systems have at least 'bass' and 'treble' controls. Fruity 7 Band EQ has seven tone controls with slightly overlapping frequency ranges. This is technically a seven-band 'graphic equalizer'.


The parameters represent the levels of seven pre-defined frequency bands. Push sliders above the mid-point to increase the level (boost) or below the mid-point to decrease level (cut).


  • Map the band knobs to the first row of your MIDI controller if you have one, for easier handling.
  • Disable the bands (set the level to 0) to save CPU processing.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin