Fruity Center

Fruity Center removes DC offsets in real-time and is useful for synthesizers which generate DC offsets. The term DC offset comes from electronic engineering, and refers to the situation where a Direct Current (DC) exists, that is a constant positive or negative deflection in the output from a plugin, rather than being at rest (zero) when no sound is present. This can cause problems as the waveform will oscillate around this 'offset' center and so have reduced headroom on the side of the DC offset bias.

In the example below, the oscilloscope displays the case for (1) audio signal with a positive DC offset. (2) same audio signal with no DC offset, either positive or negative. With Fruity Center plugin ON:


  • Status - Allows you switch the plugin on and off.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin

Thanks to: David Billen for code sample.