Fruity Delay

Fruity Delay is a delay line plugin, with inverted stereo / ping pong modes & a lowpass filter, optimized for automation (input and feedback values are ramped).

Related plugins: Fruity delay is closely related to the Fruity Delay 2 plugin. Fruity Delay Bank is the most sophisticated delay plugin in the FL Studio effects kit.


  • Input - Sets the volume level of the input signal
  • Feedback - Sets the delay feedback volume level. More feedback vol equals a longer-running series of echoes. Setting this value at maximum is 100% feedback (i.e. echoes do not fade out).
  • Cutoff - Sets the cutoff frequency for the low-pass filter used on the echoes. Set to maximum to disable this feature.
  • Tempo - Allows you to set the tempo used to generate the echoes. 'Auto' uses the tempo of FL Studio, while the other values provide custom tempo settings.
  • Steps - Determines the amount of time between each echo. The default is three steps/notes.
  • Mode - Sets the delay filter in a special mode for processing the stereo signal: Normal processes the stereo signal as in the original, Inv Stereo swaps the right and left channels for all echoes, Ping Pong swaps the left and right channels of the input for each echo, creating a 'bouncing' effect (if the source contains panned sounds).


  • Echoes may break up if there is tempo automation, due to a limitation in the delay engine (the buffer has to be rebuilt to match the tempo).

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin