Fruity Fast Dist

Fruity Fast Dist Fruity Fast Dist is a CPU-friendly distortion effect. Try using this plugin on bass and kick drum sounds for a gritty and punchier effect.


  • Preamp (PRE) - Adjust the level of the signal before it is distorted. The middle position means 100% volume. You might need to increase the volume sometimes with this control to drive the signal into the distortion range.
  • Threshold (THRES) - Selects the frequency band to be distorted. The more you turn this knob to right, the wider the band is.
  • A/B switch - Selects among two types of distortion (choose by ear).
  • MIX - Allows you to mix the dry sound (unprocessed) with the distorted sound. Turn the knob to the right to hear only the distorted sound.
  • Post Gain knob (POST) - If the distorted sound is too loud, reduce the volume AFTER applying the distortion here. Rotated maximum to the right gives 100% the level.

Plugin Credits: Richard Hoffmann, Didier Dambrin