Fruity Filter

Fruity Filter is a variable state filter plugin, optimized for automation. For advanced filtering effects try Fruity Love Philter


  • Cutoff Freq - Sets the cutoff frequency for the lowpass/bandpass/highpass filters.
  • Resonance - Boosts a frequency band near the cutoff level, to create a sound 'sharpening' special effect.
  • Low Pass - Amount of lowpass filter mixed in the output. Leaves only low frequencies in the output.
  • Band Pass - Amount of bandpass filter mixed in the output. Leaves a certain frequency band in the output and filters all other frequencies.
  • High Pass - Amount of highpass filter mixed in the output. Leaves only high frequencies in the output.
  • x 2 - Oversampling. Can improve the quality of the output (reduces noise by avoiding aliasing and reduces phase distortion).
  • Center - Remove DC offset. That is, a positive or negative bias in the output from the plugin. This can happen when the Cutoff Frequency is modulated quickly.

Plugin Credits:

Code: Didier Dambrin

Thanks To: David Billen for the algorithm sample.