Fruity Phaser

Fruity Phaser is a low-CPU phaser plugin.

Phasing is closely related to Flanging. Various frequencies in the original signal are delayed by different amounts, causing peaks and troughs in the output signal which are not spaced evenly. Phasing and flanging sound similar, as both come from combining delayed versions of the signal with the original. However, the Phasing effect is significantly more intense, with a greater 'sweeping' effect across the spectrum.


  • Sweep Frequency - Sets the frequency of the LFO which controls the phaser. The range of this parameter depends on the Frequency Range parameter. If the value for that parameter is large, Sweep Frequency will change the frequency between 0 and 10Hz. If the range is small, it will change the frequency between 0 and 2Hz.
  • Min and Max Depth - Control the range of the phaser action. The phaser will be swept between these values.
  • Frequency range - Sets the frequency range using for the Sweep Frequency parameter.
  • Stereo - Use this control to widen the stereo image. If it's set to 0, the LFO on the left and right channel will be in perfect synchronization. At 180 degrees the left and right channel will be 100% out of phase. This means that the left channel will reach its maximum when the right channel is at minimum. Range: 0 to 360 degrees. Try setting 10 degrees for subtle stereo enhancement.
  • Stages - Stages controls the number of phasing stages. Old stompbox phasers usually have 4 or 6 stages, but this digital equivalent can have up to 23 stages. As the number of stages rises, the effect becomes more aggressive and more pronounced.
  • Feedback - Determines how much of the signal is sent back into the phaser.
  • Dry-Wet - Sets the mixture of processed and non-processed sound.
  • Out-Gain - Sets the additional gain for the signal at the output of the effect. Use this parameter to boost silent signals.

Plugin Credits: Smart Electronix