Fruity Soft Clipper

Fruity Soft Clipper is a CPU-friendly soft limiter. Soft limiting avoids clipping by applying gentle (soft knee) compression to the input signal. It is worth noting that soft knee compression will cause 'saturation' effects when the signal level exceeds the threshold level. While a little saturation brings 'warmth', too much can sound distorted. Whether or not the soft clipping saturation is audible will depend on the level applied to the signal. A closely related plugin is Fruity Limiter and is probably best used if you need a more transparent clip protection.

The graph on the plugin shows input (horizontal axis) vs output (vertical axis). You can see in the example below, that the output volume per unit of input decreases after the threshold level (brighter horizontal line toward the top of the graph) is exceeded.


  • Threshold (THRES) - The volume threshold above which Soft Clipper will compress the audio signal.
  • Post Gain (POST) - Volume level applied after the compression.
  • Output Meter - Displays the output volume levels of the plugin.
  • Levels display - Displays the compression settings (hold your cursor over the display to see input to output levels mapping in the hint bar). Drag the cursor in the display to change the compression threshold.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin