Fruity Spectroman

Spectroman is a spectrum analyser plugin. Insert Spectroman into the mixer track you wish to produce a a spectrograph or sonograph from. A spectrograph behaves like a row of peak meters, from low to high frequencies. The louder the frequency, the higher the bar will peak. A sonograph is a rolling display of the intensity plotted as a chart. Low frequencies are plotted on the left through to high frequencies on the right (Edison has a much larger and higher-resolution capability for this type of display on sampled data) or if you want live displays Wavecandy also has a real-time spectrograph. The louder the particular frequency the brighter the trace on the screen. This plugin is useful (when mixing) for checking the frequency distribution of your mix. Be sure to have one running if anyone is watching, it makes you look like you know what you are doing :)


  • Change Mode - To change between spectrograph (above left) and sonograph (above right) click on the switches [] above the main control area.
  • STEREO - Displays both the Left and Right channel data.
  • SHOW PEAKS - Holds the peak values (spectrograph mode only).
  • WINDOWING - Performs windowing before FFT. This improves the accuracy of the display.
  • AMP - Varies the amplitude of the displayed signals.
  • SCALE - Varies the horizontal scaling of the display.
  • Reveal Frequency - To show the frequency at which an event occurs, hover the mouse over that part of the display and read the value from the hint bar.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin, FFT analysis by (FFTW library)