Fruity Squeeze

Fruity Squeeze is a bit-reducing, distortion (called 'Puncher' that replaces audio sample data with a fixed, user controlled value) and filtering plugin. Fruity Squeeze will add a gritty tonal character to input sounds and is particularly effective when applied to drum loops.


  • Squarize - Reduces the bit-depth of the input sample stream. This has the effect of making the output wave appear blocky/rectangular and the output to sound gritty.
  • Puncher Preserve - The number of samples that are left unaffected by the Puncher section. This can vary between 0 samples (knob fully left) to a 1 second buffer (knob fully right). The maximum value is determined by the sample rate setting of the Mixer (F10 - Audio Settings).
  • Puncher Impact - The number of samples that are forced by the Puncher section to the nominal value. The Preserve and Impact sample variations are alternated (interleaved) in the output sample stream.
  • Puncher Relation - Determines the relationship between the number of Impact and Preserve samples. Possible values are: no relation, equal, double and half.
  • Puncher Amount - The Puncher section replaces 'Puncher Impacted' samples by value between 0% (knob fully left) and 100% (knob fully right) of the maximum amplitude. Best results are obtained with low settings (0% for example).
  • Filter Freq - Low pass Filter cutoff frequency.
  • Filter resonance - Low pass Filter resonance.
  • Pre/Post - The filter can be applied before (pre) or after (post) the Squarize and Puncher sections.
  • Mix - Determines the amount of dry (input) and wet (after processing) signals to be sent to the output.
  • Gain - Determines the final output volume.

Plugin Credits: Frederic Vanmol (programming), Joel Zimmerman / Deadmau5 (UI)