Fruity dB Meter

Fruity dB Meter: is a large-display peak meter in a dB (decibel) format. Any signal above -6 dB is displayed in orange. See the Levels & Mixing section for an explanation of why levels over 0 dB may not be a problem. Hold the mouse cursor over the display to see the decibel level. Right-click it to reset the peak holds.

Related plugins: Wavecandy has a range of fully customizable metering options covering most common metering types.

Suggested usage:

Fruity dB Meter can be set at various points in the Fx chain, to check levels before and after different effects (e.g. compressors).

NOTE: there is also an General Settings option Alternate meter scale that will change the scaling of all FL Studio peak meters.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin