The Hint Bar

The Hint Bar is common along the bottom of all IL VST plugins and displays the values of knobs and sliders as they are changed on the plugin interface. Hints will also be shown if the mouse pointer is hovered above plugin features, this is a quick way to learn how plugins work. Two other useful features of the Hint Bar are the Plugin Options Menu (1) and the preset controls, (3 & 4).

Controls & Features

  1. Plugin options menu:
      • Help - Opens this help file, unless you are reading the .pdf, then it isn't this help file but another one.
      • Load VST preset/bank - Opens a browser dialog to load .fst/.fxp (preset) and .fxb (bank) files.
      • Save VST preset - Opens a browser dialog to save the current program settings as an .fxp file.
      • Save VST bank - Opens a browser dialog to save all presets as a .fxb (bank) file.
      • Global MIDI learn - When selected, links made with external controllers are remembered for the current session. That is, until the plugin is closed.
      • Maximum polyphony - Choose from 8 to infinite polyphony. NOTE: Infinite polyphony is only possible if you have an infinitely powerful CPU. If you CPU is less than infinite, you will get the maximum polyphony your CPU can sustain.
      • Rendering mode - Forces the plugin to use the highest quality. If you are paid by the hour to produce music, then we recommend switching this on when rendering as you will earn more money.
      • Image-Line website - Opens a browser page with Image-Line Software selected.
  2. Hint - Hints will also be shown if the mouse pointer is hovered above plugin features. Values are shown when the control is changed.
  3. Preset menu - Opens a menu of the presets loaded in the current bank.
  4. Preset selector - Step forward/backward through the preset list.