Sawer - General Settings & Controls

General Settings & Controls

The Master Controls section provides a range of global controls as described below:

Program management

  • BANK: Several options for managing banks -
    • Bank names - Displays the names of banks available to load.
    • Online content - Opens the online-content browser where you can download new Sawer patches and banks (if available).
  • PRG (Program) - Drop-down menu containing the list of preset sounds in the current Bank.
    • Save Program - Save the current program (sound) as a single file.
    • Load Program - Load a single program (sound).
    • Reset Program - Reset Sawer program to the default state.
    • Import CC Map - Load a Continuous Controllers MIDI setup from preset file.
    • Reset CC Map - Reset the Continuous Controllers MIDI settings to the default state.

MIDI Controls

  • CTRL (Control): Shows the active MIDI control and value.
  • LINK: Link the last touched MIDI parameter (on your controller) to the selected target in Sawer.
  • UNLINK: Unlink the displayed link-relationship.
  • PARAM: Displays the value of the currently selected parameter.

Voice Controls

  • POLYPHONY: Set 4 to 24 note polyphony. Polyphony sets the maximum number of notes that can sound at one time. With lower polyphony numbers the 'voice stealing' will occur. This can help to keep CPU loads down.
  • BEND RANGE: Sets the maximum pitch bend range in semitones (1 to 12).
  • ?: Sawer information.