Sawer - Modulation


Sawer provides an Envelope and LFO source that can be used to control a number of destination controls on the interface. Modulation is critical for achieving the most interesting and evolving sounds.

Envelope Controls

A modulation envelope responds to note events as follows:

  • ADSR -
    • ATK (Attack) - Modulation envelope ramp-up speed.
    • DEC (Decay) - Modulation envelope ramp down speed (after reaching the maximum level set by the Attack).
    • SUS (Sustain) - Modulation envelope note sustain level (after the Decay time has completed).
    • REL (Release) - Modulation envelope note release rate (decays to silence).
  • AMPLITUDE - Is a multiplier factor, or the amount of Modulation Envelope applied to the Destination control.
  • DESTINATION - Select the Envelope to modulate:

LFO Controls

LFO is a 'Low Frequency Oscillator' that creates an oscillating control output, the rate of which can be adjusted between 0 and 10 Hz. This generator is used to control parameters inside Sawer to add motion or variability to sounds in order to make them more interesting.

  • SPEED - LFO speed, between 0 and 10 Hz.
  • ATTACK - Fade-in for the LFO, ramps up the LFO amount. This is linked to a note-on event.
  • RELEASE - Fade-out for the LFO, ramps down the LFO amount. This is linked to a note-release event.
  • AMPLITUDE - A multiplier or amount of LFO to be applied to the Destination control.
  • RETRIG (Retrigger) - Restarts the LFO cycle at the start of each note.
  • TMP SYNC (Tempo Sync) - Synchronizes the LFO speed to the host tempo. When selected the SPEED knob now controls the tempo sync from 1/16th to 32/4.
  • INV (Invert) - Inverts the phase of the LFO waveform.
  • SHAPE - Select the LFO shape (TRIANGLE, SAW, SQUARE, RANDOM).
  • LFO DESTINATION LFO Destination, select from -