Sawer - Oscillators


Oscillators are the basic sound sources of a synthesizer. Sawer has 2 Oscillators (Main and SUB Oscillator) and one 'Noise' source. The main oscillator generates SAW shapes that can be further filtered. The SUB Oscillator can generate SAW or SQUARE shapes and has level, phase, octave and detune controls. The oscillator features, together with 'Unison' in the Master Controls section and the Effects Section allow Sawer to create thick, lush textures and cutting leads.


  • Main SAW oscillator
    • NOISE LEVEL - Controls the level of the Noise oscillator. Noise can be used to give a sharp, breathy or metallic attack quality to sounds.
    • SYNC FREQ - When Sync is selected (the LED switch is to the upper right of the Sync-knob), the Main-oscillator synchronizes its phase to (an unheard oscillator's) frequency. In other words, every time the Sync-frequency oscillator completes a cycle, the Main-oscillator is forced to reset its cycle from the beginning. This adds in harmonics or overtones to the sound. Automating the Sync-frequency control is an effective way of generating cutting and evolving saw-sounds.
  • Sub Oscillator
    • RETRIG (Retrigger) - Resets the phase of the Sub Oscillator at note-on events.
    • INVERT - Inverts the phase of the Sub Oscillator.
    • SQUARE - Sets the oscillator to a square wave.
    • LEVEL - Relative volume of the Sub-Saw.
    • PHASE - Phase relationship between the Sub-saw and Main-Saw oscillators.
    • OCTAVE - Changes the pitch of the Sub-oscillator in octaves.
    • DETUNE - Offsets the tune of the Sub-oscillator.