Envelope Sequencer (Advanced)

The Envelope Sequencer provides a convenient tool for create repetitive arpeggiator patterns OR sequences.

NOTE: To scale a series of bar values, Right-Click the point where you want to start and drag. Move vertically to scale the sequence.

To open

Select the envelope Options menu (small right-facing arrow on standard envelopes) and then select 'Create sequence'.


  • Adding control points - The top row squares in the window defines 'steps' equal to the grid spacing of the parent envelope. Left-click to step forward, Right-click to step backward through 4 states:
    • Off.
    • normal step.
    • step without gate.
    • Step merged with next.
  • Arpeggiator controls - The next row of symbols control the arpeggiation and looping behavior of the envelope. The are (from top to bottom, as shown in the first 6 squares):
    • Loop start - Loop start.
    • Next, Arp UP - At the break-point sound the next note above the previous note played.
    • Same, REPEAT - Sound the same note as at the last break-point.
    • Previous, Arp DOWN - At the break-point sound the next note below the previous note played.
    • Loop end - Loop end.
    • Off - Use this to clear an unwanted break point.
  • Target levels - There are 4 target level controls selected by clicking on the buttons below the control/breakpoint area.
    • Attack level - Controls the height of the leading control points in a step.
    • Decay slope - Controls the release curve (tension).
    • Sustain level - Controls the sustain level.
    • Release slope - Controls the release slope.


  • Mode Menu - Normal (loop), Ping-pong (repeat envelope once backwards).
  • Time mul(tiplier) - Changes the envelope time-base.
  • Swing - Swing creates a 'swing' rhythm where the first note is held a little longer at the expense of the second note in the bar.
  • Attack - Changes the attack of all notes.
  • Decay - Changes the decay of all notes.
  • Sustain - Changes the sustain of all notes.
  • Gate - Changes the length of notes.
  • Reset - Resets the Envelope sequencer to the default state.
  • Randomize - Adds random variation to all parameters.
  • Accept - Accept the changes and apply the envelope settings.

Action buttons

  • Reset - Reset the tool to the default state.
  • Accept - Accept changes and close the tool. Note, these changes can be subsequently undone using the Current project History or Ctrl+Z.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin