Step Input Mode

Step input allows you to enter Piano roll notes or Stepsequencer steps without the need to record notes in real-time, i.e. playback is stopped. Each time you press a key/note the data is entered step-wise into the selected Piano roll or Stepsequencer and moves the entry cursor to the next beat. The step size can be changed and steps skipped. Step input is possible with any controller keyboard or your computer keyboard if Typing Keyboard to Piano is enabled.

  1. Enable step edit - Select it from the Toolbar (foot icon) or Options menu. In the Step Sequencer, select the Channel you want to 'Step edit'. You don't need to arm the recording button to start step-entry.
  2. Enter notes - Each time you press a note-key on your controller keyboard a note is added to the Piano roll. The cursor position advances to the next step automatically. For the Piano roll, the note length is equal to the snap setting in the Snap Panel. 'Line' is useful as the Piano roll Zoom level then controls the note length.
      • Step back - Use the Number pad / (forward slash) key. Replace and existing note or fill a missed step.
      • Skip forward - Use the number pad *(star key) to jump to the next step. Leaves an empty space between notes. TIP: If you have a 'sustain pedal', press it to 'skip steps'.
      • Increase note length - Hold a note on your keyboard and press the 'Skip forward' shortcut (*) to increase the length of the note as desired, then release the note.
  3. Deselect step entry - Done!