FL Studio 20.8.1


Piano roll menu – Moved piano roll Helper options to View menu as it is more logical for new and forgetful users 🙂
Parametric EQ 2 – Added context aware type-in value support for Frequency and Gain controls. For example you can type 2000 for 2000 Hz or -6 for -6 dB.
Granulizer – Added context aware type-in value support. For example type in 50 instead of 0.5 to set a control to 50%.
Maximus – Added Monitor Input selector option in the Settings Menu for band visualization.
PanOMatic – Internal modulation (LFO) now previews on the XY control display.
Keyboard Controller – Preview keyboard Keys light up when notes are active.
ZGE Visualizer – Added an option to pre-load audio, to allow videos with audio playback.
Performance monitor – New filter option to focus on a specific plugin. Also can now be opened by double-clicking the CPU Panel.
Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Changed ‘Paste value’ in some menus from ‘p’ to ‘v’. Check the menu hints.
Mixer – Increased the maximum width of the Mixer so all tracks can be shown without having to scroll. Assuming your monitor/s are wide enough.
Touch keyboard – The maximum width of the Touch Keyboard now depends on the key size.
Diagnostic – Includes information about the number and resolution of computer screens in use.
MIDI scripting – Allow selection of next and previous plugin presets. channels.selectOneChannel now scrolls to the selected Channel.

New functions:
Screen functions: removeTextLine and addMetergetLastPeakVol returns last peak value.
Channels function getActivityLevel to show Channel activity.
Patterns function burnLoop. Optional parameter to channels.showCSForm to allow closing a window.



10613 Date in news panel can be too long for the available space
10505 English help is shown when Chinese language is selected
9234 Fire: Access violation setting loop options
10580 Fire: Notes played in drum omni mode are not displayed in the hint panel
10576 Fire: Alt + Jog doesn’t work correctly with grouped channels
10575 Fire: Alt + Mute doesn’t work correctly with grouped channels
10585 Formulas are translated in the “Link to controller” window
10592 Items that start with a lower case letter are sorted after all items that start with upper case
10597 Keys on the touch keyboard window show out of bounds and disappear from view
10587 Channel links to instrument tracks may be broken after moving them in the channel rack
10564 News panel doesn’t show any items
10641 Plugin performance monitor does not scroll with mouse wheel
10535 Potential crashes when routing plugin inputs and outputs
10506 Randomization of trial mode exit pages doesn’t use all pages
10431 Record button looks wrong when pressed
10624 SG.dll and SG_x64.dll missing when starting older FL Studio versions
10300 “Shift notes” in the playlist affects hidden collapsed groups
10515 Smart disable state turns back on when “Allow smart disable” is disabled and re-enabled
10462 System buttons on the FL Studio toolbar have the wrong color when changing from flat to 3D
10518 Test log shows warnings for every test if there were warnings in an earlier test
10610 Touch keyboard: current root note is not checkmarked in the selection menu
4758 Tweaking precomputed stereo delay with long sample causes error
10630 Wrong upgrade options shown in the shop when you own All Plugins Edition
10543 Control Surface: deleting multiple controls at once will cause an error
10536 Control Surface: checkmark in checkbox controls is not scaled
10556 DirectWave: automated parameters always change to minimum or maximum values
10555 DirectWave: selection window is not shown when loading multi-instrument soundfonts
10489 Distructor: visual glitches can occur in some cases
10473 FLEX: Master Filter type isn’t saved when the Master Filter panel is locked
10554 FLEX: access violation when the user data location is set to a read-only folder
10550 FLEX: potential access violation when download of pack fails
10548 FLEX: arpeggiator state os not set correctly when loading projects from older versions
10519 FL Keys: loading the Rhodes instrument doesn’t initialize controls correctly
10491 Frequency Splitter: legacy mode is saved but ignored when loading settings
10647 Fruity Free Filter: mix level not applied properly
10454 Gross Beat: “Delete” and “Move semitone down” in the node menu have the same shortcut key
10583 Maximus: low pass linear mode filter slopes change when oversampling is used
10534 Maximus crashes using negative values in the compression envelope
10439 Parametric EQ 2: SIDE / MID frequency histogram monitoring is not correct
10457 Parametric EQ 2: graphic glitches on rounded buttons at 100% scaling
10463 Parametric EQ 2: playback stops for a moment in LIN mode when band solo is turned on
10607 Parametric EQ 2: change order of heat map menu items to match Maximus
10561 Parametric EQ 2: access violation when resizing
10419, 10455 Parametric EQ 2, Frequency Splitter: frame rate drops when the plugin is maximized
10645 Parametric EQ 2, Frequency Splitter: inverted dB scale in hint bar
10443 Parametric EQ 2, Maximus: LIN mode is broken when the sample rate is 96 KHz
10450 Parametric EQ 2, Maximus: LIN mode crashes when the sample rate is 22 KHz
9864 Patcher: crash activating audio inputs on the “To FL Studio” module
10162 Patcher: crash when changing routing in Fruity Limiter
10538 Patcher: crash calculating audio peaks while adding IO
10533 Patcher: freeze when activating inputs on “From FL Studio”
10495 Plugin Manager:  Combine 32/64 bit option doesn’t work
10552 Scratcher: erratic scrolling in the wave scope
10438 Some plugin logos are translated when they shouldn’t be
10551 Sytrus: mouse wheel can only be used to scroll the keyboard to G#2
10560 Transistor Bass: new engine doesn’t react to pitch transpose changes
10640 Transistor Bass: channel 13 transpose doesn’t work in engine V2
10440 VFX Level Scaler: parameters are not updated correctly when the relevant tab is not selected
10526 Wrapper: unsoloing a track with Console 1 doesn’t properly unmute other tracks
10525 Wrapper: muting a mixer track with a Console 1 instance makes the program unresponsive
10643 Wrapper: muting the Waves Metafilter Stereo plugin freezes the application
10507 ZGE Visualizer: RGB Shift effect shows error on certain GPUs
10514 ZGE Visualizer: preload “Compress” option doesn’t work in 32 bit



10445 Korean font doesn’t look good
10496 Some unicode characters are not drawn by the font engine



10471 Memory leaks when opening a JPEG image
10421 Chinese font looks doesn’t look good
10459 FLEX: pack images are displayed incorrectly
10436 Parametric EQ 2: audio artifacts when resizing during playback
10621 Wrapper: context info sent from a plugin is not processed by the host