FL Studio 1.3.56

Pitch for each dot added.

Added bottom status/resize bar.

Edit mode buttons added (Pan/vol & Keyboard modes).

Main pitch slider added.

Old way to set dot volume removed.

Added channel selection.

Added piano keyboard.

Added graph edit.

Humanize on pitch & mix.

Script to customize the skin (colors, holes & positions).

CTRL+left click on any set button for a quick preview of the sample.

Added a BW skin that looks good & works almost well with palettized systems.

CTRL to transpose (keyboard mode).

Dots window added.

Shows CPU usage (sample settings).

Replaced the old echo by a useful one.

Inverted the pattern numpad to match the keyboard one.

Preview in wave open dialog.

The selected channel gets the sample directly from FastWAV (double click).

PlayList window can now be resized. Also the /* keys change the playing pattern.

Dot pan, dot note, mix effect & random now work with MIDI too.

Corrected bug in the precalc resonant filter.

New playlist that allows multiple patterns at the same time.

Stereo delay & phaser effect added.

Wider range for the delay volume wheel.

Auto trim silence at the end of samples not to have to mix it (faster).

Realtime resonant filter added.

Starting sound.

Various bugs corrected.