FL Studio 1.3.8

Added quick ‘Load sample…’ in the channel context menu.

Added a small starting 4 channels kit in the package.

Added auto-scroll to the selected channel (arrow keys).

Main window never goes below screen bottom.

Math copro related bugfix.

Drag/drop small bugfix.

Added background wallpaper (for those who don’t like

to have the desktop behind).

Loop selection in the playlist (right click+drag down).

More hints on the wheels (numeric value).

Faster stretching.

Added linear interpolation to realtime stretching (optional).

Added interpolation to imported wave files under 44Khz.

Output scope has a faster response.

Added ‘Big Scope’ skin.

Saves *.nfo file on rendering (for FruityTracks/DMM).

Added quick ‘copy whole pattern’.

Added drumkits.

More compatibility with compressed wav formats (ADPCM &

mu-LAW can now be loaded using the installed ACM codecs several times).

Save modified sample (right click the scope in the channel settings).

Can now render to mono.

Finally added pattern length (set globally).

Added integrated FastWAV-like sample browser (CTRL+B).

Changed the ugly Windows scrollbar.