FL Studio 1.4.0

Last rendered wav path bug corrected.

Added stereo & ‘flower’ scope (right click the scope).

Small bug in the piano keyboard corrected.

Linked windows (sample list window, piano window) move smoother.

Little anim on the sample browser.

Bugfix in autostretch & ending silence trimming (sorry for incompatibilities).

Added precalc reverb.

Added loops in the sample browser.

Bugfix in the loop info stuff (!@#! RichEdit control).

‘crash on exit’ bugfix.

Scope crash bugfix.

Dynamic sample browser (faster).

Another bugfix again (when loading old loops).

MultiPlugin crash bugfix (but still a prob here).

DrumSynth DS files support.

Added tools to the ‘sample scope’ popup menu

(so you can edit DS files directly with DrumSynth).

Added ‘repeat block length’ (just visual).       

ALT+click on a wheel to reset it.

Zipped channels bugfix.

Added 256 colors warning message.

Added some tips.

Finally up to 64 notes per pattern.

Patterns take less memory (but who cares).

Added ‘Fill each x notes’ to channel menu.

The prog now takes a bit less graphic resources (but still too much).