FL Studio 1.4.2

Default values for all sliders (right click).

Max tempo raised to 999 (don’t tell me you need more).

Added cut/copy/paste in the playlist.

Added pattern naming (right click the top row in the playlist).       

Removed the loop selection & replaced it by looping the cut/copy selection.

Looped strings (using loop points defined inside the WAV file).

Better ‘stop at screen bottom’ (takes care of the task bar).

Added handy ‘Always full height’ option.

Added translation (for DSC) (french & nederlands).

Tips made external (translation).

Removed unuseful ‘Export loop to clipboard’

(now exports according to the loop state).

Now looks a bit better under weird Windows color schemes.

Autostretch now up to 512 (but not compatible with old versions of FL).

Auto detects email in URL box.

Nasty click removal (have a low bass cutting itself to see the difference).

Added FastTracker 2 XI instruments support (import only).

DS & XI files now in sample browser too.

Wide skin now for reg. only 🙁

Alt+click on knobs for quick note off (for strings) (just set volume to zero).

Changed the wheels to flat wheels in the default skin.