FL Studio 1.5.23

Changed stuff in the main menu.

Minor visual bugfix.

Ping pong loop available even when not looped.

Added stuff in the channel settings sample menu.

Added the recording box.

Removed the check for another instance (crash reports).

Added the TS404 beta!

New cool splash screen.

Added background tiled bitmap.

Added cool ‘shade’ scope mode.

No more temp directory (uses the windowstemp instead).

Added zip/unzip support for samples & FLP in one single ZIP package.

Support for more extra sample directories. Also try to

locate missing samples in these dirs.

Added clone channel option.

Added true delay line for the TS404.

Remove mute checkbox in the channel settings (not useful).

TS404 presets in the sample browser.

Can now act as master clock for sync! (read the ReadMe.doc

file for limitations). Sends start / stop / clock / SPP. Should also

follow tempo changes. Added sync delay too.

Removed the channel settings unuseful pan & vol menus.

Use of devices cleaned a bit. MIDI not opened if disabled.

DirectSound not opened if disabled.

Changed the mixer engine from 32bit int to 32bit floats. Shouldn’t

alter the sound in any way. Even faster (maybe unless you’ve got

an AMD processor).

Removed support for WinAMP DSP plugins (they’re all shit).       

Playlist now starts from 1 instead of 0 (nicer).

VST plugins support beta.

Channel settings form shown unactivated to avoid mistakes.