FL Studio 1.6.5

Added support for SimSynth files.

        Can also set the middle note of SimSynth files.

Added 4 effect tracks (+master) supporting up to 4 plugins each.

Now support all plugins type.

Plugin stuff saved inside the FLP.

Now eats less Windows graphic resources.

Note deletion (right click) bugfix.

Prob with background picture fixed.

Probs with Win98 fixed: the RTF format has slightly

changed in Win98 & caused crash problems!

‘Reload sample’ bugfix.

More checks for ‘bad’ wavs (there are).

Some more minor bugfixes.

Can now drop TS404 presets to create TS404 channels.

Inverted the shuffle slider (more logical).

Basic pack now included in the install package.

Added ‘shift delay’ to the graph edit.

Added graph edit presets in the sample browser

(text files to edit manually for now).