FL Studio 1.7.6

3 small visual bugfixes.

Prob with SimSynth note fixed.

Prob when mixing 2 TS404 fixed.

Prob with dots window fixed.

Prob with saving of wav files fixed.

Bugfix in scope.

Bugfix in the disk renderer.

Internal sync small bugfix.

Replaced SHIFT by G to pop up the graph edit (I had to free SHIFT for shortcuts).

Some shortcuts changed/added (SHIFT instead of ALT for shifting left/right, shortcut for Save as…).

Now renders Acidized wav files.

Added clone option to the channel pop up too.

Added cool (but slow) light show (not totally finished).

Added export to MP3 thx to BladeEnc.

Can now load SimSynth 2 presets thx to David Billen.

Extended params for SimSynth 2 presets (riff, tempo).

Installer now adds shortcut icon & stuff.

Keyboard autoscroll when notes are out of range (autocentering would not be a good idea).

Added ‘auto zip empty channels’ (general settings) for those who prefer to work this way.

Problem with last opened projects menu fixed.

Adjustable fade out (when cut) for better strings.

Added note fine tuning for samples which don’t match.

Added ‘Go to next empty pattern’ tool.

Added ‘Select unused channels’ tool (to delete them to clean up your song).

Added useful ‘insert & remove pattern’ tools.

No more preview on right click in the sample browser (was annoying).

Plugin wheels now have a default value.

More minor enhancements.

Added ping pong delay.

Added favorites to more dialogs (useful when exporting to wave file).

Fine tuning is read from WAV files (middle note isn’t – too many C4 by default where it should be C5).

Added ‘Hermite curve’ interpolation (even better than linear) on stretching for sample loading & rendering (too slow for realtime).

Improved sample locating (as Sam wanted).

Main volume can be raised to 125%.

VST plugins which have their own editor no longer have built-in wheels.

Many are badly written & some crash because of this…

FX3 is now interpolated (much less noisy).

Middle mouse button used to reset wheels.