FL Studio 10.0.2

[10.0.2 final]

– zge: new version, new scripts

– FL mobile add updated

– Patcher: fixed crash related to voice release/kill from plugin


[10.0.2 RC5]

– added FL Mobile .url file

– newtone: fixed visual update of param wheels

– zge: new version

– FL Mobile add in setup


[10.0.2 RC4]

– new FLEngine

– patcher: fixed pitch wheel response, freeze when closing ZGE, voice deletion when removing plugin


[10.0.2 RC3]

– wrapper: fixed parameter name bug

– installer: include latest dsp_ipp.dll


[10.0.2 RC2]

– new help file

– new FLEngine

     + fixed possible hang in undo when using interfaceless VST1 plugins

     + fixed wrong tempo exported in rendered projects after messing with steps per beat setting

     + reversed behavior when left/right clicking on mixer arming button

– FL VSTi: fixed freeze in Cubase when exporting to audio


[10.0.2 RC1]

– changed patcher thumbnails

– added auraqualic “data” song

– new FLEngine:

     + fixed integer overflow bug

     + fixed note properties not always selected when clicking on notes

     + use different charset to let Japanese characters display correctly

– new FL Keys wavetable, default preset

– Patcher: bugfixes (see whatsnew)

– resaved DW presets in DataPatchesPacks to use relative filenames

– fixed start menu entries for other users when installing “for all users”

– new help file and fd.chm

– Newtone: fixed crash when using undo

– FPC: fixed unmuting pads