FL Studio 10.0.5


zge: new version, new scripts

FL mobile add updated

Patcher: fixed crash related to voice release/kill from plugin

Added “Recording starts playback” option for pressing record to start playing/pressing stop to stop recording.

New “Gap” knob in PR articulator tool, to ensure a gap between notes.

New “Smooth” point mode in envelope editor (plugins & FL).

Env editor: adding a point near the existing segment (with snap off) inserts that point precisely on the segment.

Env editor: panning (middle button) also displays envelope without points (freeze).

FL Mobile file import



Fixed crash when trying to automate all parameters of a plugin that has no named parameter (like Patcher).

Slicex: Fixed possible case where deck B’s associated file wasn’t collected in zips.

DirectWave: Fixed small bug with finding missing samples

Slicex: Fixed bug in drum replacer tool.

Fixed bug in loop recording (result ending at the wrong time in the playlist).

Fixed little bug in step editing when piano roll is visible.

Fixed Edison’s “Acquire noise threshold” broken for 16bit samples.