FL Studio 10.0.8


Env editor: envelope loops don’t need a sustain point anymore.

Smooth point modes now in all plugins.

New “Song start” marker type.

DirectWave: Import and export FL Mobile .instr files

FPC: Export FL Mobile .instr files



Fixed bug in automation of channel arpeggiator chord selector.

Fixed rare bug in Maximus.

Fixed bug in conversion of step seq to piano roll while playing in song mode.

Fixed some possible problems with extended memory in plugins.

DirectWave: Fixed bug loading some samples from FL Mobile in player mode

DirectWave: Fixed crash loading specific .sfz files

Wrapper: Fixed disconnecting some plugin parts when deleting VST3 plugins

Patcher: Fixed bug increasing GDI object count

ReWired: Fixed problem loading plugin with “smart disable”

ZGE: Some bugfixes