FL Studio 11.1


MiniSynth generator plugin
Agnivesh demo song updated
new “Repeater” Gross Beat preset
updated Launchpad support
imports FLM zip files directly now
FLM project import updated for FLM v2.4




fixed crash moving mixer tracks
fixed detached window focus problem
fixed quantize bug
Convolver: fixed freezing bug
DW: fixed saving of current zone / global switch
DW: fixed dropping samples on zone list
DW: disable “delete zones” menu item when no zones are selected
DW: fixed loading some 20 and 24 bit samples
Flowstone: fixed crash on right-click of “wireless” modules
Flowstone: drag .fsm to plugin title bar to load it now works
Flowstone: use custom path to export FL plugin now works
Flowstone: swap links command works correctly
Flowstone: no longer empty after reload of FL project
Flowstone: now has midi output node in Patcher
FPC: updated presets
Newtone: fixed crash while playing a sample and resizing it time warp mode
Patcher: fixed crash loading plugins
Wrapper: fixed UI glitch loading preset with options window visible for some plugins
Wrapper: changes to the way some editors are handled
Wrapper: fixed CC parameter event values for a bridged plugins when loading song
Drumaxx, GMS, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer, Toxic Biohazard: bugfixes and updates