FL Studio 11.5.15 (beta)


Plugin scanner: can now use custom VST search paths
Plugin scanner: drag plugin from list to FL to open it
Plugin scanner: add or remove favorite plugin in FL
Plugin scanner: shows previously scanned plugin on startup




Fixed generic links
Fixed bug exporting split tracks
Fixed various 64bit bugs
Control Surface: fixed behaviour of button control
DrumSynth Live: fixed sound glitch when root key is changed
Edison: fixed crash in limiter script (64bit)
FL ReWire: fixed several crashes
Fruity LSD: fixed playing notes from wrong midi port
Patcher: fixed freeze when window is closed
Patcher: implemented key and mouse wheel support in plugin window
Patcher: fixed update of automated parameter in Fruity Send
Patcher: fixed output names for VFX Color Mapper
Wrapper: “send mod x as poly aftertouch” is now off by default