FL Studio 12.0.0


FL Studio 12 launch video:



FL Studio 12 Screenshot:




Fixed freeze exporting NewStuff song
DrumSynth Live: fixed distortion with multiple instances
Patcher: fixed hidden latency labels
Plugin scanner: various fixes
Wrapper: fixed crash with two Fruity Balance instances (64bit)
Wrapper: fixed freeze with bridged FabFilter Pro-Q
Wrapper: fixed crash closing detached bridged window




Crash on load in Windows XP
Generic links issues
Bug exporting split tracks
Various 64bit bugs
Control Surface: behaviour of button control
DrumSynth Live: sound glitch when root key is changed
DW: crash loading song in 64bit
Edison: crash in limiter script (64bit)
FL ReWire: several crashes
FPC: import from DW is faulty
FPC: access violation using “Save kit as presets”
FPC: doesn’t load LudwigCS kit
Fruity Love Philter: freeze
Fruity LSD: playing notes from wrong midi port
Fruity Scratcher: freeze when mouse button is down and space is pressed
Patcher: Control Surface editor disappears
Patcher: knob won’t move after renaming it
Patcher: knob disappears
Patcher: bugs in plugin window
Patcher: record automation for plugin leads to wrong values
Patcher: midi not sent correctly
Patcher: doesn’t collect files from all plugins
Patcher: plugin exported from Flowstone freezes
Patcher: freeze when window is closed
Patcher: implemented key and mouse wheel support in plugin window
Patcher: update of automated parameter in Fruity Send
Patcher: output names for VFX Color Mapper
Speech synth: various fixes
Soundfont Player: freeze on close
Wrapper: plugin editors open in separate window
Wrapper: no sound with fixed size buffers
Wrapper: VST3 plugins update wrong parameters
Wrapper: crash opening placeholder window for bridged plugins
Wrapper: crash selecting presets in various NI plugins
Wrapper: preset change in Fruity Compressor doesn’t update controls (64bit)
Wrapper: GrooveAgent 4 VST3 crashes
Wrapper: “send mod x as poly aftertouch” is now off by default