FL Studio 12.1.2



New and improved Video Player plugin
Update main window caption when project title is edited
Launchpad MK2 support
Shortcut for stretch on/off in playlist is now Shift+M instead of Shift+S



Fixed cursor for slip tool  – when not over a clip – from “brush” to “pen”
Ignore search paths that have been disabled in Plugin Manager
Cloned channels no longer cut themselves (if the original channel didn’t either)
Fixed loading generator from “more plugins” window after fast scan
Fixed updating mixer track selectors when moving tracks
3xOsc: fixed sound of analogue saw shape (64bit)
Control Surface: fixed scaling of controls
Newtone: fixed crash getting date from file
Sytrus: fix for crash with LP2 filter
Sytrus: fixed waveshaper sound (64bit)
Video Player: fixed playback when FL counts down before playing