FL Studio 12.3.1 beta 2


Additions & changes: 

Added .instr as recognized file extension in the sample browser
There’s now a warning when loading a project with an invalid audio output selected
Changes to contrasting text colors in channel rack, mixer and playlist
List view mode in piano roll is now less confusing
Renamed “saved arrangement” to “custom”
Custom layout is now remembered even when selecting other layout
Added new recording quantize options (right-click the Record button)
Improved overall audio loop recording performance




Crash making plugin thumbnail
Detached windows resize incorrectly on differently scaled screen
Escape key doesn’t close VST window when “host priority” wrapper option is on
Freeze when adding step during high cpu load
Loop recording:
      Audio dropouts when looping back to start point during audio loop recording
      Audio recording sometimes being shifted from the loop’s start point
      Audio recording sometimes not taking correctly latency into account
      Automations being shifted in the pattern in some cases
      Downbeat not being played at the next loop right after recording
      MIDI notes sometimes being quantized to a very short length
      MIDI notes being cut off when changing channel rack selection while recording
      Missed downbeat during midi loop recording
      Precount not ignoring notes in some cases
      Recorded midi notes sometimes being shifted in the pattern
No sound when insertion of playlist track has failed
Piano roll zoom changes when hiding and showing the window
Boobass: crash playing notes (64bit)
Convolver: undo button has popup menu on left click instead of right click
Drum Synth Live: crash playing notes (64bit)
Gross Beat: per-tab reset button in Create Sequence tool resets all tabs
Love Philter: doesn’t remember size of hidden part of UI
Parametric EQ2: band types and orders change too quickly
Patcher: VFX plugins crash when playing notes (64bit)
Slicex: missing hints for some knobs
Wrapper: text shown behind small plugin editors