FL Studio 12.3.1 RC 1


Additions & changes: 

Right-click on render toolbar button to render to MP3 instead of WAV
Fruity Slicer: removed “Open in BeatSlicer” option
Default bit rate for MP3 and OGG export set to 192Kbps
Newtone: option to include regions when saving a sample in pitch correction mode




Audio clips aren’t updated when the channel’s sample changes
Automation clips play section after loop point
Chinese characters not shown correctly
Crash creating a new pattern after audio recording
Freeze adding step during playback
Markers from WavPack files aren’t loaded
MIDI notes can’t go past loop recording’s end point
Mixer window moves in front of plugins after Plugin Picker but doesn’t have focus
Missing text and glyphs in FL and plugins because of incorrect font
New plugin channel name set to “Sampler” when “Auto name channels” is off
REX files sometimes don’t load
Slowness dragging preset from Plugin Picker
Strange behaviour for detached windows on multi monitor setups with different DPI
Unicode characters in track name cause error creating the recorded wave file
Various issues related to “Host priority for keystrokes” Wrapper option
Control Surface: knob presets don’t have pause marker when they should
Convolver, Edison & Slicex: use friendlier filename for untitled samples
Convolver, Edison & Slicex: empty samples can be dragged to playlist
DirectWave: crash loading .instr file
Fruity Send: adjusting and resetting “Send to” causes louder audio
Fruity Slicer: “Open in Edison” option doesn’t work
Slicex: right-click on save as button doesn’t use .wv file extension
Wrapper: incorrect display for sliders in interfaceless plugins (64bit)
Wrapper: Serum crashes when loaded
ZGE Visualizer: crash when changing presets