FL Studio 12.3.1 RC 2


Additions & changes: 

Native Instruments Machine JAM controller support
New command line options to bulk render audio and convert .fsc to MIDI
Patcher: 37 new presets by Youlean
Transistor Bass: popup menus for bank and pattern selectors
Wrapper: added button to refresh inputs and outputs after a change in the plugin
Wrapper: threaded processing is now on by default
ZGE Visualizer now publishes internal controllers
ZGE Visualizer can now use various FL windows as textures (experimental!)
ZGE Visualizer: 4 new presets




Continuous scrolling breaks performance mode
Event playback bug when relocating song position
No undo on automation clip paste
No undo for “Type in value”
Realtime stretch time mul not applied when time is zero
Recording to playlist adds step sequencer channel even in PR mode
Right-click on “Save as” button doesn’t default to .wv file extension
Song position can go off screen when zoomed into PR with continuous scrolling
Control Creator: most demo knobs are invisible
Edison / Convolver / Slicex: can drag empty sample to playlist
EQUO: glitch with hidden settings
Beepmap: crash when moving other windows over Beepmap window
DrumSynth Live: audio sent to incorrect tracks
DrumSynth Live: notes aren’t cut properly
FPC: UI is a mess at 125% scaling
Maximus and Fruity Limiter: intial latency isn’t reported
Parametric EQ2: crash when resizing
Patcher: crash when saving
Patcher: stack overflow error minimizing and restoring DirectWave window
Sytrus: middle-mouse zoom on OSC scrollbar doesn’t work well
Sytrus: hot zone to edit harmonic is wrong
Transistor Bass: auto-follow doesn’t work
Transistor Bass: “Type in value” is broken
Transistor Bass: crash loading some demo projects
Transistor Bass: note names don’t update when loading a preset
Vocodex: visual artifacts in env editor when scaled
Vocodex: error closing plugin
Wave Candy: crash with extreme audio data
Wrapper: Waves plugins crash on close
ZGE Visualizer: wallpaper doesn’t show when plugin is hidden on project load
ZGE Visualizer: critical error when changing presets