FL Studio 12.3 (Beta 2)


Additions & changes: 

Channels are shown more prominently in the Add menu
Incremental scrolling in playlist, piano roll and event editor
Added macro to set all audio clips to RT stretching mode
Playlist: ctrl+left click toggles solo
Playlist: place recorded audio clips in first (visible) empty track
Added shortcut to unsolo and unmute all tracks (ctrl + key above tab)
Added “midi channel through” option
Improvements to IL Remote feedback (also enabled by default)
Added option to control remembering previous state when using solo
Solo mode is auto-detected agains




Automation clip name error
“Auto unarm” option in mixer resets when recording to playlist starts
Can’t drag tools from bottom toolbar
Crash clicking around in SH-1 – Perseverance song (64bit)
Cut in channel rack cuts selection in playlist
Browser resizes on minimize / restore
“Make unique as sample” doesn’t remember stretch mode
Piano roll view style is messed up when switching between channels
Plugin added from Add > Channel goes to mixer instead of Channel Rack
Polyphony bug with realtime stretching
Problem moving FL window after changing main screen in Windows
Problem resizing playlist track height
Problem with time setting with RT stretched samples and “make unique as sample”
Remember sort column for plugin list in Plugin Manager and More plugins window
Routing control in channel rack not updated when recording audio clip to playlist
Some maximized plugins don’t keep minimized window position
Target control in event editor window is missing
Toggling effect windows with detached mixer switches mixer inserts
Various fixes to channel rack sorting
Various fixes to new open and save dialogs
Control Surface: shows incomplete control names when loading settings
Control Surface: not repainted properly on load
dB Meter: window buttons are in wrong order after maximize
DirectWave: name of some mod matrix entries doesn’t match parameters
DirectWave: show specific message when loading VST plugins with wrong bit size
Edison: detect pitch regions crash in 64bit
FL Keys: typo in label
FPC: time slider mouse handling isn’t scaled along with UI
Gross Beat: scaling and resizing issues
Patcher: parameters for plugins aren’t updated when Patcher window is closed
Patcher: preset loads with wrong window size at 200% scaling
Patcher: flickering when resizing with Control Surface tab visible
Plugin Manager: plugin list isn’t visible
Sytrus: resize moves text field over other panels
Vocodex: spin controls have ugly black borders when scaled
Wrapper: crash on preset change
Wrapper: indicates it wants midi input even when the input port is not set
Wrapper: plugin bridge loses connection to plugin in various situations