FL Studio 12.3 (Beta 3)


Additions & changes: 

Razer Chroma plugin
The names of existing channels aren’t changed when dropping presets on them and the “Auto name” option is off
“Type in value” for tempo and mixer track selectors now accepts actual values
Fruity Limiter: comp/limiter selector is now two tabs instead
Renamed mono brush to “Paint”
Renamed poly brush to “Paint in drum sequencer mode”
Reverted “Paint” brush functionality to FL10’s (FL11’s behavior with shift modifier)
Don’t close event editor when effect slot changes
Added size to fit option to channel rack button size menu
In the piano roll, the shortcut keys G, H, J and K will now go to the previous or next channel. H and J go to a used channel, G and K also go to unused ones.
Use “safe” color picker for channel gradient colors
Scale highlights is now set to “black notes” by default
Play truncated notes on transport is now on by default




Access violation when mouse hovers over the color picker window
Access violation when moving the mouse over the playlist and piano roll
All solo lights on MCU light up on start
Changing from solo to alt solo in the mixer doesn’t work
Channel rack becomes sluggish when adding lots of channels
Ctrl, Shift and Alt buttons on the toolbar can get stuck
Master volume slider misaligned
Most recently used colors not added to color picker when it’s opened directly
Rescan MIDI devices can stop playback in some cases
Show scale highlights option in PR doesn’t have any effect
Size of some plugin windows increases when maximized and then normalized
Typing keyboard layout “FPC (C4)” is not correct
Unknown omni events in some templates
Velocity label in PR event editor scrolls when it should stay in place
Wrong pitch with RT stretch macro
Big Clock: integer pointer cast (potential crash)
Big Clock: preset arrows shouldn’t be present
Edison: changed unique name generated when dragging an unnamed sample
Edison: “failed saving” error message in some cases
IL Remote: mixer mute states not updating
IL Remote: XY feedback not working
VFX Keyboard Splitter: wrong data read from default preset
Wrapper: effect plugins open as synths in some cases
Wrapper: fails to locate plugins in some cases
Wrapper: IQ-EQ plugin doesn’t make sound until input is disabled and enabled again